Energizing! Inspirational! Galvanizing!

RhythMentor Icebreaker

Vibrant and engaging the RhythMentor Icebreaker is the ideal opener for your seminar or conference.  With a mix of enthralling rhythms and music, expert drum circle facilitation (no drums needed) and an overriding positive experience, our Icebreaker will ensure all attendees start the day fresh and focused.

From 5 to 10 minutes in length, our Icebreaker can also be used at any point in your event wherever you consider appropriate and best fits your schedule.

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Georg Voros uniquely combines his renowned drumming skills with electronic percussion and music.

In having studied drum circle facilitation with Californian Arthur Hull the father of the world-wide drum circle movement, Georg expertly uses these skills to galvanize the audience for a fun filled rhythmic and musical extravaganza.

All while this musical landscape is happening inspirational messages are included to communicate a principally motivating mood throughout.  The result is a concise but all encompassing experience that will leave all attendees exhilarated and ready to receive information in an open and receptive state.

The RhythMentor Icebreaker duration is between 5 to 10 minutes and determined by the event organizers.

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