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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” Michael Jordan

Performance and Georg Voros

Performance is as natural to Georg Voros as the life blood running through his veins.

With an extensive pedigree spanning more than 40 years as a respected performer and educator, there are other aspects encompassing his range of accomplishments that place him firmly at the top of his field and an expert in performance realization. These include:

  • From “most useless football player who couldn’t kick a ball straight” to top goal scorer in a junior championship side within 3 years!
  • Achieving a 98% pass mark in a high level music performance examination with only 4 hours preparation!
  • Conquering a life-long debilitating stutter to conduct radio and TV interviews and speak in front of a 700 strong audience!
  • Founding an innovative niche magazine to conduct successful interviews with world renowned musicians.
  • Writing and publishing a motivationally orientated book endorsed by performing artists with association to internationally renowned acts.

It is one thing to highlight successes, but equally, it is essential to acknowledge failures. Georg owns his and accepts total responsibility for any less than successful outcomes. This is a crucial requirement when implementing any form of self-improvement and of vital importance in helping others identify their own patterns of negative behavior in order to lead onto a more constructive path and effective outcome. And then further… to maintain this.

As Georg progressed further into areas such as teaching, consultation and training it became apparent that he possessed an intuitive ability to identify performance related issues affecting both career and social areas in life. This inevitably led to him becoming a speaker and facilitator in his specialist area.

This is made available via:

  • In depth keynote talks with a Q&A session
  • Interactive full day workshops
  • Personal mentoring on appointment

Authentic and Balanced

Everything that Georg shares is based on personal experience and proven principles that work! Georg is a firm believer in authenticity and substance, steering clear of theory driven content!

Georg is also an authority on ‘A Game Mindset’ and adept in demonstrating how when effectively implemented, transforms good performance potential into supreme ‘In The Zone’ facility that can lead to unexpectedly outstanding results.

A Game Changing Triumph

Georg Voros is an inspirational model of someone who conquered a hugely self-limiting disorder that affected all areas of everyday life!

For more than 30 years he was an extreme stutterer! At its very worst he literally couldn’t get the words out of his mouth and conduct a simple telephone conversation or ask for something over a shop counter.  Imagine not being able to do the most natural thing that people take for granted – speaking!  This lack of communication caused him untold mental and physical anxiety for many years and those who stutter or who have experienced stuttering will strongly identify here. Sadly, most non-stutterers have little or no idea how serious a problem this can be.

After experiences with two speech therapists at different times in his life that yielded little result, Georg was desperate to beat this debilitating affliction and took matters into his own hands. Over a course of time in employing specific mind techniques and simple physical routines that resulted in a major attitude shift, he eradicated this burden from his life. This transformation led to him becoming an in demand educator and mentor,  international music examiner, conduct radio and TV interviews, deliver talks to audiences over 700 strong and generally experience the joyful freedom of effective communication on all levels.