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Specialist areas:

Personal Development Mentoring

Individual mentoring for highly placed professionals, performing artists and athletes. Improve your A Game and maintain it! Boost productivity in all that you do! Work more efficiently with increased clarity every day! Book your Free assessment today.

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Engaging keynote talks and interactive full day workshops focused on peak performance skills development, success realization and productivity boost.  Book our uniquely energizing ‘RhythMentor Icebreaker’ for your next event!

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Georg Voros is a prominent performer, author, mentor and peak performance specialist. He has helped many people transform their personal and professional lives via private instruction , mentoring, speaking engagements, workshops and his books.

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Grab your copy of ‘Creating Performance Excellence and develop increased awareness in how to conquer the Winners Attitude crucial to great achievement and boost ‘A Game’ Mindset essential to operating in that elusive superior ‘Zone’ out of reach of your competitors.    

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